Thursday, June 6, 2019

California is So Screwed Up!

Readers of this blog have seen that I avoid political statements. Even though most of you may have surmised that I am a conservative based on my Navy career, I do not criticize liberals in this blog. I was stationed in California twice, in Long Beach and San Diego, back in the 70s, and frankly, I loved California THEN, but I have been appalled by what I have seen in the past month, from San Diego to Los Angeles to San Jose up in the Bay area... I will not go into many details, but this billboard in San Jose broke the camel's back, so to speak... here is what the United States is headed for if we follow these imbeciles in California... imagine the message this billboard sends our children and grandchildren... if you agree with this billboard, please unsubscribe from my blog. Why? In 2017 alone, there were 70,237 deaths from opiod/drug abuse in the USA, compared to 58,220 Americans killed during the ENTIRE Vietnam war, from 1965 until 1975... where are we going??? These billboards are all over California, and probably Colorado, Washington state, Oregon and other druggie strongholds... where will this end?


  1. Ty, you are absolutely correct in your statement. Sometimes I reflect that I will not be around when this epidemic really hits the fan.

  2. Agreed. My home state of Oregon has gone crazy over legalized pot. Leslie and I were on a wildfire together in SW Oregon last summer and were not impressed with the ‘dispensaries’ we saw and how it has affected communities I used to live in. As a Logistics Chief, she has had to bring undercover agents with dogs to inspect fire camps for drugs. We aren’t far right or left but believe this trend is not good for our country. Safe travels Giesemann’s! Brad

    1. Thanks, Brad. Hope you have a very calm fire season! The snowpack in the Sierras is at near-record levels, which should help with reservoir supplies as well as fewer fires.

  3. For our country's sake and the well being of our children and grands, mama bears unite, equip ourselves with pressurized paint, aim and transform these drug hawking billboards into pastoral scenes, subliminal messages or start a Burma Shave campaign.....for starters.
    Thanks Ty. Patriotism Trumps politics🇺🇸

  4. Thank you, will take strong, intelligent women, mothers and grandmothers, to fix this problem.